Shades of Santa

Shades of Santa er en flash fiktion antologi på engelsk – nej, det er ikke porno – med seks kategorier:

Sleigh Bells, All is Calm, The Naughty List, Snow People, Is that really an Elf og endelig Carols, Choirs and Vocal Strings.

Hver historie skulle være på 666 ord og jeg gik efter Sleigh Bells kategorien.

Det endte med “The Wild Hunt” som er løst baseret på en af vores egne myter fra folketroen om det vilde ridt.

Al overskud går til velgørenhed – specifikt adgangen til rent drikkevand – igennem CharityWater.

Så der er ingen undskyldning for ikke at købe et eksemplar eller tre.

Antologien er allerede på Amazon.


Sleigh Bells
The Bells Will Ring Out by Steve Dillon
Hell’s Bells by C.L. Raven
Bell Garden by David Simms
What’s in the Box? by Theresa Derwin
Slay Bells by Ken MacGregor
The Wild Hunt by Michael Kamp
Sleigh Bells Ring by Amanda Bergloff
All is Calm
Asylum Night by Steve Dillon
Of Coldest Coal by Matthew R. Davis
The Chill Pill by Dave Jeffery
Christmas Stuffing by Anthony Ferguson
Maul Santa by Kevin Holton
Baubles & Beer Cans by Christopher Stanley
All is Calm by Kim Plasket
The Naughty List
Santa Surprise by Lee Murray
He Knows When You’re Awake by Thomas M. Malafarina
Claus Out by Andrew Cull
Jólakötturinn by Claire Fitzpatrick
Naughty Norman by David Schembri
Gruss von Krampus by Kim Michelle Ross
Is That Really an Elf?
Corporate Bodies by Steve Dillon
Missing Elf on the Shelf by Terri Bertha
Santa’s Little Helpers by Anthony Giordano
Ho, Ho, Horrible by Christopher Palmer
Carols, Choirs, and Vocal Chords
Castrato by Jim Towns
The Angel of Salome by Mark McAuliffe
Under the Mistletoe by Chris Mason
The Carollers by Stephen Herczeg
Choir Practice is all Done by Tim J. Finn
Hark by David Simms
Snow People
One Big, Happy Frozen Family by Kev Harrison
Snow Drifts by Denzell Cooper
Red Christmas by R.A. Goli
The Ice Ones by T. Fox Dunham
Tea Time by Geneve Flynn
The Well and the Snow by David Schembri
Snow Woman by Eric Ian Steele